Are others depending on you financially? Make sure they are protected in case of the unexpected.

Insurance planning

Life changes quickly; that's why its important to periodically evaluate your financial and insurance needs.

The reason to purchase insurance is to protect your family and your financial plans from unexpected events that have the potential to devastate your family's finances. Much like the ant that stores up food for the winter months - buying appropriate insurance is a wise and prudent move to protect the people you love.

Unfortunately, insurance can also be misused and oversold to protect against every possible contingency. It's important to consider two things regarding any type of insurance: (1) the amount of insurance you need, and (2) the amount you can afford considering your budget and overall financial plan.

At Blom & Howell Financial Planning, we provide you the education, counsel and solutions that are appropriate for your family's needs.

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We can assist with...


Provides financial support in the event of a premature death


Provides financial support in the event of an extended long-term care need.


Provides financial support in the event of a disability that would prevent the insured from working normally.

We can assist with...

Beneficiary Changes

• Recent marriage or divorce?
• New child or dependent?
• Children grown and out of the house?
• Death of spouse or dependent?

New Financial Responsibilities

• Change in employment status or salary?
• Need to plan for retirement?
• Need to support anyone with special needs or an elderly family member?
• Received an inheritance?

Added ​Debt

• Purchased a home?
• Started or own a business?
• Need to fund higher education?
• Student loans?

"A successful financial life doesn't happen by chance, it happens by choice."

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Michael Howell
September 5, 2022

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