Your legacy plan "land mines"?

May 25, 2023
B&H Team

The right estate strategy gives your loved ones a meticulously detailed picture of your intentions.

All the while, paying Uncle Sam as little as possible.

We realize it’s easy to put this off.

It doesn’t feel urgent.

If you haven’t created or reviewed your estate plans in light of these new rules, you’re at risk of…

  • Accidentally     disinheriting your spouse (because of an outdated trust or estate     strategy)
  • Unknowingly     leaving your heirs a massive tax bill forcing them to liquidate their     inheritance
  • Not     taking full advantage of updated gifting limits and advanced trusts

·        You may have created your legacy plan ages ago (or even quite recently) and assume your estate is already well protected.

Recent changes introduced by the SECURE Act may have left your estate plan (and your oved ones) vulnerable.

These specific changes could be sitting like land mines inside your existing legacy plan.

You also have a limited window of opportunity (just until Dec. 31, 2025, or maybe sooner if new lawmakers take action) to take advantage of the opportunities introduced by current tax laws.

Remember, putting it off for “another time” could create confusing (and potentially expensive) surprises, like leaving your heirs with a massive tax bill.

Or worse…accidentally disinheriting your spouse.

Do you want help protecting your family from potential threats caused by these changes?

If you want help protecting your loved ones from these potential “land mines,” you can call our office at 209-857-5207 to schedule an appointment.

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